Punkin Center Berry Farm

1785 Waldo Road
Oglesby, Texas 76561
254-580-8096 or 254-716-7889

You will find the farm 18 miles west of Waco, Texas, and located 7 miles northwest of McGregor, Texas between McGregor and Oglesby, Texas

What clothing should I wear?
Sneakers and a hat will keep you comfortable.  The berries are mulched and up on trellises, so walking is comfortable, but with sandals, you might get hay straw in your shoes.

Do you have chiggers?

What do we need to bring?
I will provide the buckets for picking, but if you want to take home more than a quart, bring your own container.  If you are traveling very far, an ice chest is a good idea to keep the berries cool until you get home.

What do you have other than berries?
I have only blackberries.  

Is there a place to buy food, water, and drinks nearby?
McGregor is 7 1/2  miles away.  You will find several service stations, a grocery store, Burger King, Subway, and Dairy Queen.  The Coffee Shop Cafe offers a full menu. 

How should the berries be stored once I get them home?
Put them in the refrigerator without washing.  If you eat them fresh, wash them right before using.  If you will not use them within three days, go ahead and wash them and allow to dry on paper towels.  Then spread them out on a cookie sheet and freeze them.  Then place in plastic bags.  They will keep for a year. 

What does a ripe berry look like?
A blackberry changes from red to shiny black; when the sheen changes to dull black, the berry is ready to pop in your mouth. 
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