Punkin Center Berry Farm

1785 Waldo Road
Oglesby, Texas 76561
254-580-8096 or 254-716-7889

You will find the farm 18 miles west of Waco, Texas, and located 7 miles northwest of McGregor, Texas between McGregor and Oglesby, Texas

Punkin Center Berry Farm offers two varieties of blackberries, Kiowa and Rosborough.  Rosborough was developed by Texas A&M in 1977.  It is an improvement on the classic Brazos berry, being firmer and sweeter and having smaller seeds. The Kiowa berry was developed by the University of Arkansas in 1995.  It is the largest of the blackberry varieties, averaging 11 grams per berry.  The Kiowa berry is a very firm berry, storing well. 

I will provide you with a 5-quart bucket for your convenience while you are picking.  If you want more than a quart, bring your own containers for taking the berries home. 

Check the website for the latest information on availability of berries.

Questions? janetwscott@gmail.com

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